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Benefits of Cancer Immunotherapy

A targeted answer to cancer

Like many patients and caregivers on a cancer treatment journey, you may be familiar with traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Several important features of immunotherapy make for a more specific answer to cancer.

Cancer immunotherapy can work on many different types of cancer

Cancer immunotherapy offers the possibility for long-term cancer remission

  • Immunotherapy can “train” the immune system to remember cancer cells. This “immunomemory” may result in longer-lasting remissions

  • Clinical studies on long-term overall survival have shown that the beneficial responses to cancer immunotherapy treatment are durable—that is, they can be maintained even after treatment is completed

Cancer immunotherapy may not cause the same side effects as chemotherapy and radiation

  • Cancer immunotherapy is focused on the immune system and is often more targeted than conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation

  • Both chemotherapy and radiation damage healthy cells, leading to common side effects such as hair loss and nausea/vomiting

    • These side effects may be less likely with immunotherapy

  • Side effects of cancer immunotherapy will vary depending on which type of immunotherapy is used

    • They are usually related to stimulation of the immune system and can range from minor symptoms of inflammation (eg, fever) to major conditions similar to autoimmune disorders

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